Urban Fiction: What is a Press Release?

It has recently come to my attention that there are many individuals who are unclear about press releases and what it can do for their books. I wanted to clear up some of the cob webs as the urban fiction genre is a growing genre that can be very profitable. My favorite mantra is that it is vital for writers to learn their craft. Don’t just love to write but learn to love to market effectively.

In the world of marketing you must learn there will be some strategies that are free to low cost that are very effective. However, there are some strategies that may require a bit of money to help you get to your bottom line. Which is more money for your published books. Many urban fiction writers are afraid of being taken advantage of so they tend to stick to means that are free or very low cost, which can limit your sales potential. Be wise but don’t be closed minded.

What is a Press Release?

A press release is a letter written directly to the media whether its radio, television, print (magazines or newspapers) bloggers and other media related websites. It’s the one thing that can get you in the door with movers and shakers. Press releases are sent directly to journalists, or decision makers who are already searching for news to discuss and cover.

How Can Press Releases Help?

Whether you are a new writer or a seasoned author or even a writer published by a traditional publishing house; press releases are necessary. Not only does a press release send your new book to the desk of decision makers but a well crafted press release lets the media know you exist. If you have already started marketing your books you know first hand how time consuming, daunting  and aggravating it can be to reach out to family and friends. It can be even more frustrating to reach out to Facebook friends and twitter followers who can block you if you push to hard.

Press releases help because having your work exposed to the right audience can change your literary life. Having a media outlet that influences the masses could make the difference between your story and the next writers. We know this to be true simply from looking at the influence Oprah has on the book buying audience. Many authors are reaping the financial rewards simply from sending a press release to the movers and shakers of the Oprah Winfrey Show.

Targeted Press Releases

Just like any other marketing strategy you need to market to your target audience. Marketing to the ‘wrong’ audience is much like fishing in a lake with no fish sure you can catch a single fish occasionally. However, putting your bait in a lake overflowing with fish will allow you to reel in a huge catch. Urban fiction writers are faced with a dilemma unique to their chosen genre. The advertising opportunities are not currently broad enough to allow for a more traditional route. The one thing Urban Fiction writers have in their favor is they already know who their target audience is and that they are thirsty for their product. Pitching your book to hundreds and thousands of people who are looking for the next juicy tale will give you an advantage over writers who pitch to a ‘general’ reading audience.

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