Book Review: Two Way Mirrors by Just Jewel

two way mirrors

I love a good story especially one that is written by a great storyteller. Two Way Mirrors appeared to be a story of a young woman in love with the typical bad boy but readers soon find out that is all on the surface. The story follows the tale of Angela Delimar a young lady who shares a close bond with her mother, is in love with her incarcerated bad boy and does things she doesn’t care for the world to know. Through a series of events which include deep family secrets and breathtaking brutality Angela finds herself fighting for not only her life but for her sanity. She is in a race to find out the one woman who can expose the truth and help Angela heal but will the ever elusive stranger come from out of the shadows long enough?

I loved how well the story was told. There were scenes that literally had me flipping the pages anxious to know what would happen next. There were also some scenes I could have lived without such as excessive details at the most inappropriate times. Overall I would rank Two Way Mirrors a 4 star **** read and I think it’s a read that doesn’t disappoint. Excited to see what else this author can come up with.

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Two Way Mirrors

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    Just Jewel

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    Miss Trish

    Sounds like a good one. Ordering my copy now. Thanks

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      Thanks Miss Trish! I hope you enjoy the read!

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