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If you haven’t figured it out K.C Blaze is me K.C Baylor, in the spirit of celebrating literary achievement I decided to spotlight myself. Today I hit a major milestone. For the last two weeks my book Your Husband, My Man has been on the best seller’s list but today something special happened. I reached #10 in Literature & Fiction and beat out Stephen King one of my favorite authors of all times. I know that it may be short-lived but it is something monumental to me. I have been reading his work for years and to finally be in a list that even includes his name is incredible to me. So I want to thank anyone who have purchased a copy and or left a review. I appreciate you being apart of my dream.


A little About K.C Blaze

K.C Blaze is the author of both Platinum Dust (Part One) and the recently released Your Husband, My Man. She dreamed of being an accomplished writer/Spoken Word artist and advocate for authors everywhere since her youth. When she isn’t working on writing another book she is reading someone else’s. K.C hold’s a degree in Psychology where she uses it to write about deeper issues and feelings for each of her characters.

Your Husband, My Man Summary

Lauren Michaels is a beautiful 27-year-old club owner. Her definition of the perfect man is the one with long pockets and a wife. She only dates married men with limited time and lots to lose. Her latest sugar daddy, Arnold Blake happily funds her business ventures until she finds herself sucked into a truly forbidden love triangle with Tori, her best friend’s husband. 

Tori is the only man she dates for fun. He’s gorgeous, well-hung and more romantic than anyone else she’s been with. She convinces herself that she is saving Tori from the neglect he’s receiving from her best friend. 
Lauren’s choices will lead her down an almost deadly path too difficult to recover from.

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